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Avoid the mess with regular maintenance.​
Do you know the last time your septic tank was pumped? For a family of four, Michigan State University recommends you have your septic tank pumped every other year.
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Every thing that gets flushed down your toilet or goes down your drain, ends up in your septic system. Once inside the tank, good anaerobic bacteria begins to break down the waste. That which cannot be broken down forms a layer of scum (known as FOG or Fats Oils and Grease) at the top and bottom of your tank. Over time, pieces of the FOG can find it’s way into the outlet or field.


Much like plaque can clog our arteries and cause a heart attack, solids from your septic tank can clog your field and cause expensive repairs if not removed regularly.


NEVER flush bleach or household cleaners as they can destroy the good bacteria, causing increased FOG buildup and the potential for additional problems.

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ABC Home and Commercial Services can help you locate your tank. We also offer a digging service to uncover your lids.


NEVER leave your septic tank lids off. An uncovered septic tank opening poses a serious risk to children, pets or wildlife. Due to the gases inside the tank, falling into a septic tank can lead to death.


ABC Home and Commercial Services offers
(shown on the right) and lids for tank openings. Our lids are drilled down, offering a secure, yet easy to access opening for regular maintenance.

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