grass cutting

Ahhh...the smell of fresh cut grass.

One of the best smells of summer is almost here. As you are reading this you are probably thinking about how your lawn is going to look this season. A high quality fertilizer application can help spruce up your yard, but there is one other important step in achieving that fabulous looking lawn. The way you mow your grass can affect the overall health and appearance of your property. It’s very important to follow some important guidelines when managing your lawn this summer.

Cutting Height

There is a general rule of thumb for grass height during the summer. We recommend keeping your lawn cut at a minimum of 3 inches tall during the hot summer months. You don’t want to stress your lawn by cutting any shorter. Longer grass also provides shading that will inhibit crabgrass from forming.

By following these tips, you will not only save time and money, but you will have a luscious green lawn your neighbors will envy. So, sit back, relax and grab a cold lemonade and enjoy your fabulous looking lawn this summer. Looking for a professional company to take care of your lawn this summer? ABC Home and Commercial Services provides a professional lawn maintenance service that can help keep your lawn looking great this summer. Call (810) 794-5678 today!

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